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E-Grocery Box

What is it. Innovative corrugated cardboard box, created for Cortilia, for home delivery of food and household goods. Designed to be integrated into a double automatic packaging line, to optimize production efficiency and improve the ergonomics of manual product insertion by implementing a system of folds and slots in the closing flaps of the short side.

Materials. Corrugated cardboard

Product or target market. Food and household goods

Technology. Production on the semi-finished in the corrugator; for casemaker processing: 1-colour printing; die-cutting and vertical creasing; folding; gluing.

Design and/or communication. A system of folds and interlocks in the closing flaps of the short side of the box has been designed to allow maximum visibility inside the box in two movements while solving quality issues, minimising waste and improving gluing with increased production efficiency. The design emphasises the reuse of the box both by Cortilia, which picks up the box at the next delivery, and by the end consumer, thanks to a closure interlock that avoids the use of adhesive tape. The short upper flaps folded in on themselves create slots for the interlocking of the long upper flaps, allowing a solid and reversible closure.

Sustainability. Recyclable paper packaging, consisting of 100% FSC®-certified paper and 82% recycled fibre. Improved production efficiency, thanks to a significant reduction of waste during production. Improved environmental footprint, thanks to a lighter pack made up of less raw material. Possibility of reusing the box both by the end consumer and by Cortilia.

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