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Multiple packaging system with 5 pieces “Multipack”

What is it. The Multipack packaging consists of 5 cases connected to each other by a band, called a partition, which keeps them together. The pre-fractures created on the partition and in each case allow the division into a single product or the subdivision into 2 or 3 products at the same time depending on the needs, but the packaging maintain integrity and protected the product. Furthermore, the partition has the dual function to allow the simultaneous opening of the 5 pieces, due to the horizontal strip which is also pre-fractured and detachable.

Materials. Vinciwhite recycled flat cardboard weight 290 g/m2 FSC certified.

Technology. Printing with water-based inks and die-cutting of flat cardboard to be used on an automatic packaging system.

Product or target market. High rotation modular products, like switches and sockets, of Linea series for Italian and foreign markets.

Design and/or communication. Multipack packaging system, designed by Vimar, consisting of 5 boxes connected to each other with a suitably punched partition.

Sustainability. The goal of the new "Multipack" packaging is to reduce the use of plastic materials for product packaging. The new Linea series by Vimar use totally paper packaging in order to significantly reduce the environmental impact. The Vinciwhite material is a coated cardboard for packaging made from recycled fibers and it is recyclable. The use of water-based inks for the personalization of the print further reduces the environmental impact.

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