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Sealed Air® Brand AirCap® ELLRT

What is it. Barrier bubble wrap with a recycled content of at least 30%. Very versatile for wrapping, cushioning, separating and protecting the surfaces of a wide variety of products. Provides excellent protection for fragile and medium-weight items. Strengths: energy savings, warehouse efficiency, easy handling and excellent product protection.

Material. Polyethilene

Technology. Coestrusion, barrier material

Product or target market. Sealed Air® brand AirCap® bubble wrap is very versatile for wrapping, cushioning and protecting a wide variety of products in all markets: elettronics, cosmetics, pharma, handling….

Sustainability. The environmental benefits of AirCap® ELLRT are many.

  • Reusable: long-lasting cushioning performance makes our bubbles reusable. 
  • Resource efficient: made from a co-extruded lightweight film containing 30% recycled content, compared to non-barrier bubble of polyethylene only, they ensure efficient use of natural resources while maintaining product performance.
  • Recyclable: the bubbles are developed in line with the LDPE#4 waste recycling stream code and labelled as recyclable in many locations. Please check your local recycling points for compliant disposal or visit for more information.
  • Damage reduction: the need to replace shipped products is highly reduced because barrier bubbles provide greater product protection.
  • CO2 reduction due to the shape of the bubble which takes up less space than traditional bubbles and therefore each truck can transport more square meters of material, less vehicles on the road with reduced CO2.

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