Levoni Spa in collaboration with ILIP Srl | Best Packaging 2023

SealMaster Barriera tray

What is it. As part of its sustainability journey, Levoni - in collaboration with ILIP - has developed the innovative SealMaster Barriera tray for pre-sliced deli meats. This single-material packaging is made from recycled plastic and is fully recyclable.

Materials. Mono-PET with 55% post-consumer food-grade R-PET and additives capable of providing both a passive and active barrier against oxygen.

Technology. Extrusion & thermoforming.

Product or target market. Pre-sliced deli meats.

Design and/or communication. Rectangular preformed tray with rounded corners and bottom with embossed inserts for protective atmosphere packaging of sliced and folded deli products.

Sustainability. The SealMaster Barriera tray is made of mono-PET, a recycled and recyclable material that reduces the number of materials used and facilitates their post-consumer management. In fact, the packaging is designed and produced according to the principles of eco-design, which prioritize recycled materials. It promotes the adoption of new consumption patterns by encouraging the implementation of a waste collection and recycling chain. This new solution immediately reduces environmental impact.

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