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Drawer Box

What it is. Drawer box is a corrugated cardboard box for e-commerce designed for reuse. It was created from the desire of the Benefit Corporation Pro Dynamo, with a view to wide-ranging sustainability, to turn this packaging material used for shipping into a household object, rather than waste, giving it a second life. It is a further development of Closì® (tamper-evident closure - Italian utility mod. no. 202022000000140/2022), which was already a winner at the last Best Packaging Awards. In addition to the advantage of secure closure without the use of glues and/or adhesives, it offers the advantage of reuse. It is a telescopic box consisting of two separate elements: an outer box and an inner drawer. The outer box has an elongated closing flap that covers the top and can be used for applying shipping labels. Once the packaging has arrived at its destination, the elongated flap is easily removed thanks to a perforation in the fold, freeing the drawer which can be used as a container, either plain or decorated with graphics.

Materials. Recycled/mixed/virgin corrugated cardboard

Product or target market. Clothing/other distributed with e/commerce.

Technology. Paper converting; die-cutting, digital printing with water-based inks

Design and/or communication. ICO has developed this packaging to meet the customer's need to deliver, together with their product, packaging that is both functional for transport and useful for domestic reuse and aesthetically pleasing, with the aim of extending its life and leaving the customer with an object that is a reminder of the brand; the elongated flap for closure, which is removed after the package is opened, serves to leave the drawer-box clean, without any traces of the inevitable courier labels. In addition, both parts of the box can be printed, both internally and externally, to enrich the unboxing experience for the end Customer; in this case, the drawer-boxes are digitally printed with different graphic variants on corrugated cardboard with a brown-coloured cover (graphic design: The Embassy - Milan)

Sustainability. Our material (corrugated cardboard) is fully recyclable, and is also easier to separate for waste collection thanks to the Closì® closure. It can also be produced with completely or partially recycled raw materials and with certification of the supply chain of origin.

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