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Pizza Margherita Surgelata Senza Glutine 340g Bene.Sì Coop

What is it. Plastic wrapping in direct contact with food and cardboard box. The plastic wrapper, that was replaced last year on the relaunch of the assortment of Coop’s branded products, as well as performing the typical functions of packaging, also allows pizza to be cooked in the oven, offering a service in addition to consumers, in particular to the consumers mainly interested of specifically formulated gluten-free products.

Materials. The plastic of the wrapper in direct contact with the food is designed to ensure that the pizza inside is cooked in the oven.

Technology. It is an important technological innovation in packaging aimed at offering greater service to customers, in particular people intolerant to gluten who are the main recipients of specifically formulated gluten-free products, but at the same time guaranteeing adequate levels of safety of the product itself; in fact, cooking gluten-free pizza in the oven could be a source of contamination with foods containing gluten.

Product or target market. Gluten-free frozen pizza.

Design. Internal plastic wrapper in direct contact with the food, suitable for cooking in the oven. Consistency of the project with the contents of Carta Etica del Packaging, of which Coop Italia has been an ambassador since 2021, in particular for the values "responsible", "balanced", "safe", "accessible", transparent", "informative", "sustainable".

Sustainability. The new plastic wrapper has been lightened by 60% compared to the previous one, without modifications to the cardboard case, guaranteeing a reduction in the consumption of plastic material and, at the same time, improving its technological performance.

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