From Research to the Shelf - March 2024

Monthly showcase of packaging solutions to communicate, protect and distribute commonly used products.

Awards to La Spumante

The first bottle in PET for sparkling wine developed by Sipa - La Spumante - perfectly replaces the traditional version in glass, offering, in addition, numerous advantages. The practical and light design guarantees high functionality and contributes to reducing both transport costs and the carbon footprint: the weight of the PET bottle reaches max 90 g against 720/750 of the equivalent glass bottle. It’s also completely recyclable, in line with Sipa’s environmental sustainability goals. The simple filling process of the PET bottle, compatible with existing lines for glass, simplifies the bottling phase, ensuring efficiency without compromising on quality. What is more, its extraordinary 24-month shelf-life adds convenience both for producers and for consumers.

La Spumante has won numerous awards: the most recent, obtained at Worldstar 2024 in the Alcoholic Beverages and Packaging Materials and Components categories.

KitKat with a social value

Nestlé has launched “Breaks for Good”, the first KitKat produced with cocoa mass coming from beans cultivated by farming families taking part in the Nestlé Income Accelerator project, a programme set up in January 2022 with a high social value. The initiative has already supported over 10,000 families in the Ivory Coast and, this year, is expanding into Ghana to involve a total of 30,000 families. By 2030 the Group expects to be able to involve around 160,000 families.

Nestlé has transformed its system for the procurement of cocoa from Income Accelerator, obtaining full traceability and physical segregation of the cocoa. By the middle of 2024, moreover, Nestlé expects to use segregated cocoa butter for its entire KitKat production in Europe to then extend its commitment to other regions. The new “Breaks for Good” has been available on shop shelves since January in 27 countries, including Italy.

“Wow” effect in fruit and vegetable packaging

Melanzì’s new box for Sweet Palermo peppers is the winning packaging in the first edition of Best Fruit&Veg Box, the competition conceived by the Bestack Consortium and promoted in partnership with, dedicated to the most innovative and attractive corrugated cardboard packaging ideas. The new corrugated cardboard box is certified for the use of low environmental impact resources. A QR code invites the consumer to find out about the product and all its characteristics, with advice for the best way to use it in the kitchen. The layout is simple and innovative: an incised lid has been added to the traditional transport package which protects and, at the same time, reveals the product.

Upon arrival at the point of sale, it comes off, folds and fits on the top of the package, thus becoming an effective crowner. According to the jury, in fact, Melanzì won the award “for having integrated logistics, transport, needs and the improvement of the visibility of the brand in the point of sale in a unique pack solution”.


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