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Reclosable Paper Packaging

What is it. This reclosable paper packaging is a solution made out of a structure with 70% less plastic than similar products. The finished structure is rigid and offer a good protection from harsh handling and impact. The package also has a special reclosable system with external paper, while a transparent window on the resealable part, allows to see the product inside. Reclosing the package offers the consumer a pleasant user experience, by avoiding having to break the package and allowing to dose the food. By reclosing the package, the product inside remains sealed and fresh for much longer, avoiding decay and food waste.

Materials. FSC Paper and PP.

Technology. Patented Smile Label technology, which allows to open and reclose the packaging more than 25 times, thanks to the adhesive label, cut and applied on rolls. Product or target market. This solution can be applied on many food products: dried fruit, snacks, candy, bakery product and more…

Design and/or communication. Quadroseal

Sustainability. This reclosable Smilesys packaging uses 70% less plastic compared to similar products, by using a FSC certificated paper that raises the level of sustainability in terms of recycling and capacity to block gas, moisture and dust, even after the first opening.

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