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La Spumante

What is it. The world's first bottle for sparkling wine in PET.

Materials. PET

Technology. The bottle can be produced with injection-stretch-blow molding (single-stage) or stretch-blow molding (two-stage) machines.

Product or target market. The bottle is intended to contain sparkling wine / ready to drink mix (e.g. Spritz, Cocktails, Mocktails) for the global market.

Design and/or communication. SIPA’s Packaging Development Team has developed a perfect product to replace traditional glass bottles, capable of being filled on traditional glass bottling lines. A fundamental part of SIPA's innovation lies in the neck of the bottle which has mechanical properties equal to the glass version: it can be capped with the classic mushroom cap complete with metal cage. Even the design of the bottom of the bottle has the same look and functionality as glass. This particular bottle design provides a head load resistance of 3500 N. La Spumante bottles in PET have already been tested on traditional filling lines, demonstrating perfect interchangeability with the glass versions in all stages: depalletisation, washing, filling, capping, labelling, transport on belts, packing, palletising.

Sustainability. The PET version of the traditional glass bottle for sparkling wine is lighter, weighing in fact only 90g against an average weight of the glass bottle of 720/750g. Another point in favor of PET is its unbreakability, a determining factor in logistics favoring the growing trend of sales through e-commerce and home deliveries. It is always useful to remember that this drastic reduction in the weight of the bottle has a significant positive impact on CO2 emissions thanks to more efficient logistics and a production method that is equally less impactful on the environment. An example: in traditional truck transport, a maximum of 21 pallets of glass bottles can be transported (reaching the maximum weight allowed by law before the vehicle is completely filled). La Spumante bottles in PET can reach 32 pallets loaded on the truck without exceeding the weight allowed by law.

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