From Research to the Shelf - January/February 2024

Monthly showcase of packaging solutions to communicate, protect and distribute commonly used products.

Sustainability of every single sheet of paper

A piece of software measures the environmental impact of every sheet of paper through the entire life-cycle. It has been adopted by ICMA- a B Corp since 2020 and specialised in paper converting for luxury packaging - with the intention of offering a new service to customers, useful for guiding them towards increasingly informed purchases. Using the LCA methodology, the software analyses data relating to the raw materials used, to transport and every step of the production process, including energy consumption, to then provide data on carbon dioxide, the effect on the ozone hole and the acidification of the oceans. In this way, ICMA manages to measure its emissions with relation to goals 1,2 and 3, that is, the extent the company impacts on the environment both directly and through its suppliers.

Protein water in on-the-go format

Research carried out by San Benedetto has given rise to a mineral water with a high protein content (15gr), more zinc and magnesium, and with a pleasant apple and lemongrass taste. Conceived to meet the needs of consumers that opt for an active and healthy lifestyle, Aquaprotein is offered with a packaging characterised by a modern and linear design, associated with the benefit icon which makes the pluses of the product recognizable and immediate. Thanks to the practical on-the-go 0.40 l size, it’s the ideal product to take with you during sports activities and all through the day

The toy world is green

Playmobil has launched the “Horses of Waterfall” line, composed of playsets made with over 80% of recycled and bio-based materials, which evoke respect for nature, solidarity, team spirit and inclusivity. The same sustainable approach has been applied to the packaging, also obtained from recycled materials. The Geobra Brandstätter Group (to which Playmobil and the Lechuza brand belong) is committed to being climate-neutral within the next 4 years, adopting a new circular business model and a closed product life-cycle by 2030

Linea Alpha in pure cellulose

In In collaboration with Qwarzo, FLO has created “Alpha”, a new Made in Italy plastic-free line of products for foods (cups, plates and cutlery) made in pure cellulose. The products are covered externally by Qwarzo, a coating developed by the company of the same name based in Rovato (BS), which is able to strengthen the paper without altering its recyclability and compostability. The treatment is a silica-based one that guarantees excellent performance levels, making the product impermeable to liquids, oils and fats, and with high mechanical resistance, while the paper used is PEFC-certified. Laboratory tests have demonstrated that it has a resistance to fats which is 7 times greater than the cellulose pulp currently in use. Alpha products are robust and resistant to hot and cold foods, and are suitable for use in traditional ovens and microwave ovens. They are also totally excluded from the prohibitions, restrictions and obligations of the SUP (single use plastic) directive which came into force in 2021.


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