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Lid2fly® e Spoon2fly®

What it is. A cardboard lid for ice cream cups with an innovatively shaped spoon on the inside that holds itself in place inside the lid and can be easily removed. When inserted under the lid, the spoon looks like a simple die-cut shape but thanks to the dotted line along the two sides, the user can simply fold the two flaps and create the handle of the spoon. Both the spoon and the lid are covered by a European patent pending.

Materials. For both the lid and the spoon the material used is only cardboard coupled with a thin layer of PE. As the percentage of plastic used on these products, it is possible to dispose of both the lid and the spoon in the paper waste.

Technology. Printing, die cutting, and assembly.

Product or target market. Paper lid with paper spoon for covering ice cream cups.

Design and/or communication. The shape of the spoon inside the lid is designed so that it can be inserted inside the lid and hold itself in place without the need for additional components to support it.

Sustainability. Entirely realized in paper, both the lid and the spoon can be disposed of in the paper waste. In addition, unlike similar lids but with a wooden or plastic spoon, this solution cuts out the need for a disk for holding the spoon in place with a consequent reduction in packaging weight and saving of the materials used.

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