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What is it. g-pad is a biodegradable and compostable high absorption food pad for draining excess liquids in tray packs of fresh food, especially meat, fish and fruit. At the end of its life cycle it is disposed of with household organic waste for industrial composting; this simplifies consumers’ experience and promotes proper recycling. G-pad is OK Compost certified by TUV Austria.

Materials. The upper layer in contact with the food is composed of a micro-perforated, trilobed, compostable film that is thermo-bonded to the lower layer of airlaid (Airgel g-grade). No glue, adhesive, or other chemical binder is used. The highly absorbent airlaid is also compostable and contains Magic’s patented super-absorbent powder (Spongel), which is biodegradable and compostable.

Technology. Thermo-bonded food pad. Product or target market. Food packaging

Design and/or communication. The absorbent pad features an attractive trilobal design, typical of Magic products, in various colors that are typical in food packaging. In addition to the aesthetic component, the trilobal design provides the pad with immediacy in the liquid drainage.

Sustainability. g-pad was conceived according to the principles of the circular economy; it is the outcome of a research & development process that started with Spongel and continued with Airgel g-grade, leading to the development of a compostable absorbent food pad to be disposed of with the domestic organic waste. G-pad offers significant advantages for end consumers, who today are increasingly attentive to proper waste separation: when it comes to packaging, they expect it to be easily separable and made from environmentally sustainable materials from renewable sources.

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