Lucy Plast SpA, Finpesca SpA | Best Packaging 2023


What it is. Innovative crate for the fishing sector, made up of two parts: an inner tray in PP certified for direct contact with foodstuffs and an outer crate in recycled PP made with 25% calcium carbonate from the shells of molluscs, designed to be durable and reusable over time.

Materials. Neutral polypropylene, regenerated polypropylene and calcium carbonate from mollusc shells.

Technology. The crates are made using the injection-moulding process.

End product and target market. Fisheries

Design and/or communication. Crates available in the sizes cm 30x40x10H, 60x40x12H, 40x60x15H. The crates are designed so that they can either be stacked on top of each other or stacked inside each other. The combination of the two parts creates a 5 mm air chamber for improved insulation. The convex bases with drainage channels allow the proper discharge of any fish fluids and water.

Sustainability. Reduced use of virgin plastic materials, no additives or fillers from mineral sources. Use of 25% fillers from mollusc shells that are collected and processed in Italy. It is forward-thinking because it is recyclable (inner tray) and highly reusable (outer case already made of recycled material). Hygienic, washable, traceable and manageable.

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