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The new packaging for Nonno Nanni Stracchino

What is it. Packaging consisting of flow-pack outer wrapping made of single material recyclable plastic and inner tray made predominantly of recycled plastic (50 85%).

Materials. External wrapping: recyclable PP; inner tray:50 85% rPET + PET.

Technology. External wrapping: multilayer flow pack with glue coupling. Inner tray: thermoforming.

Product or target market. The Stracchino line of Nonno Nanni fresh cheeses for the Italian market.

Design and/or communication. The current shape and graphics remain unchanged, but the recyclability of the outer wrapping is communicated on the packaging through a logo on the front and a QR code on the back. The packaging represents an important innovation for the sector, as it is one Of the most sustainable packagings on the fresh cheese market.

Sustainability. The switch to the new packaging for Stracchino will achieve the following improvements in terms of environmental impact compared to the previous packaging, expressed in annual average values:

  • -35% emissions of CO2 corrisponding to 278 tonnes, equivalent to the emissions of flights between Milan and Rome by one passenger
  • -29% use of virgin plastic;
  • -33% amount of waste packaging;
  •  -61% impact on the water footprint.

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