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Caffè Casa Rinaldi

What is it. 250g packet of ground coffee.

Materials. Multi-layer

Technology. Direct laser technology was used to engrave the print cylinders. This method emphasised the intensity of the gaze and improved eye and lip detail by increasing resolution (1000 L/cm2). This is because the laser engraving option can produce up to three times more cells per square centimetre than electromechanical incising.

Product or target market. Ground coffee. This project is in a communication field where print output is often sacrificed because of dimension and technical (vacuum pack) constraints.

Design. The Gerosa Group worked with the client's graphic design agency to fine-tune a face that would emotionally engage viewers, capturing their attention through the depth of her gaze and the softness of her face. Care was taken to balance the two main colours of the packaging, with a balance of tones and midtones that blend with the dominant black background colour.

Sustainability. The laser engraving of the print cylinders was done directly on copper. This was a major investment, but it meant the Gerosa Group could stop using the old laser engraving on zinc and so eliminate a chemical element (zinc), and the related inhouse handling. In addition, the use of laser cylinders brings significant ink savings compared to traditional gravure printing.

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