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The first compostable pack for fresh pasta

What it is. The first compostable barrier pack containing pasteurised fresh filled pasta.

Materials. The pack consists of a tray of 100% in Mater-Bi, the biodegradable and compostable bioplastic from Novamont, a multilayer heatsealed cover film containing Mater-Bi and two compostable labels. The resulting multi-component pack is fully OK COMPOST certified (TUV S2300 certificate).

Product or target market. Piedmontese ravioli and agnolotti del plin produced by Pastificio Fontaneto; distributed in Italy and the EU.

Design and/or communication. The solution has replaced previous multilayer structures (PET/EVOH/PE or PET/EVOH/PP or PET/PE), which are not recyclable, with a pack (thermoformed tray + thermo - welded film) certified to be industrially compostable, and can be recycled with the organic waste. This has made a major innovation possible, the first in the sector, thanks to a supply chain that is able to support companies in the design of packaging solutions. The packaging consists of a white rectangular tray with special ribbing designed to increase the robustness of the package and its machinability, a transparent film for closure and two labels: a coloured one on the front for grabbing the attention, with logo, product name and description, and one on the back with information on ingredients, nutrition facts and disposal instructions.

Technology. The new pack has been developed with a view to fulfilling a range of highly technical requirements, that have been fully met: - the barrier to oxygen and moisture that is needed to preserve pasteurised fresh filled pasta with a shelf life of about 50 days (variable according to the filling); - the high great mechanical strength of the material under different atmospheric and temperature conditions (freezer, refrigerator and ambient); - transparency (of the heat-sealed film) to allow the food to be visible. The technological innovation in this pack lies in achieving a balance between all these necessary technical and functional properties and the biodegradability and compostability of all its components. It should be pointed out that the resulting compostable tray also weighs less than the traditional plastic tray, while offering the same properties. In addition to this, it has been found to be highly suited to Pastificio Fontaneto's production line, starting with preformed trays at speeds comparable to those in normal production, as well as a good level of compatibility in the FFS packaging lines.

Sustainability. Complete post - consumer compostability is guaranteed, in response to consumers increasingly inclined towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Decomposition time: 3 months in industrial compost.

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