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In-Carta® Greated Cheese

What is it. In-Carta® is a line of recyclable packaging for food and non-food products. In particular, "In-Carta® Greated Cheese", which has been entered for the competition, was developed for the packaging of grated cheeses and is suitable for use with form-fill-seal packaging machines.

Materials. Predominantly paper-based laminate. Intended product or market. Recyclable packaging for the packaging of grated cheese.

Design. The laminate was designed in accordance with the most up-to-date “design for recycling” guidelines, minimising components that cannot be recycled. The material chosen as the basis of the packaging is paper, as the collection, sorting and recycling stream of this material is currently one of the most widely developed in Europe.

Technology. The aim of the project was to replace a traditionally multi-material and non-recyclable packaging with a predominantly paper-based packaging offering the same level of machinability and protection of the contents that would ensure recyclability at the end of life. This was achieved by creating a product that makes use of new high-tech materials.

Sustainability. The recyclability of the product was certified using the Aticelca 501 method by an accredited third party, resulting in recyclability class C, which certifies that the product can be fed into the paper recycling stream according to a closed-loop circular economy schema.

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