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Blue Box

What is it. A range of virgin fibre cardboard boxes for dried pasta, in which the polypropylene window that has been applied for years to allow viewing of the contained product has been removed.

Materials. Virgin fibre cardboard.

Intended product or market. Pasta. The solution was launched for Barilla’s ‘Classici’ range, for all regions (except the USA, Canada and Russia).

Design. On the back of the pack, there is an explanation of the benefit of the change in the packaging design with this text: "Tomorrow is today. In Italy, Barilla is household name, so we have done away with the transparent window, saving 126,000 kg of plastic per year*.

*Window removal from Barilla's classic pasta boxes; value calculated on the cardboard boxes sold in 2020. Find out more on barilla/box".

Technology. Technology. Traditionally, cardboard boxes have always been glued on the side with vinyl glue; the window application phase has obviously been avoided, allowing for a simplification of the process and an optimisation of production efficiency. Printing is 4-colour offset, with low odour and low migration inks, and matt varnish.

Sustainability. The material used can be recycled in the paper supply chain. Furthermore, in order to minimise the environmental impact in the paper and cardboard supply chain and at the same time guarantee maximum product quality and safety, Barilla has chosen to use virgin fibre materials from responsibly managed supply chains, which in fact guarantee sustainable forest management, based on environmental protection, respect for cultural rights and traditions, and promotion of the economic sustainability of forestry activities.

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