Design for Recycling flexible packaging

Full range of flexible packaging solutions, with a special focus on design for recycling, from adapa Group at CFIA Expo.

At CFIA Expo 2024 (12-14 March 2024 in Rennes, F) adapa Group will be providing a comprehensive insight into its product portfolio, which includes flexible packaging solutions of all types. At the renowned trade fair for the agri-food industry, the Group will be showcasing innovative solutions for modern shrink and skin films, thermoforming solutions and flowpacks for fresh produce, confectionery, coffee and tea.

At the centre of adapa's trade fair presence will be high-quality film solutions that help users to preserve resources. The innovative "Design for Recycling" concepts, which were developed as part of the company-wide rethink initiative, enable customers to replace existing packaging solutions with more forward-looking alternatives.

In the following, an excerpt from the CFIA trade fair highlights:

MonoFlow(re) E-type and P-type: flowpacks designed for recycling

adapa's range of "Design for Recycling" tubular bag films, the MonoFlow(re) E-type and P-type, are designed to maximise efficiency as well as recyclability. Thanks to the Group's experience in various market segments and the in-house development of high-performance films, e.g. low-S.I.T. CPP films or innovative MDO PE films, adapa's flowpacks are also optimised for demanding products such as coffee. The various MonoFlow(re) materials run excellently and, depending on the machine, at up to 120 cycles on a wide range of standard packaging lines. Thanks to various barrier options and printing processes, they can be customised to meet individual customer requirements.

The range of flowpack films produced by adapa, MonoFlow(re) E-type and P-type, focuses on efficiency in addition to the best possible recyclability.

PaperTwister(re): productivity and certified recyclability combined

The new paper-based twist wrap from adapa is the modern version of confectionery packaging. Suitable for single or double twist and folding applications, it can be reliably processed on a wide range of twist wrapping machines - from proven standard systems to the latest high-performance systems. adapa demonstrates with this product how high performance in the twist wrapping of confectionery with packaging speeds of up to 2,300 pieces/minute can be combined with design for recycling: The PaperTwister(re) range with a paper content of 90 per cent and a plant-based coating has been certified by independent institutes as repulpable in accordance with the new CEPI (4EverGreen) and OPRL standards (CPI).

Not only is PaperTwister(re) certified recyclable, it operates at maximum speeds even on the latest twister machines.

VACUshrink(re) MEX 55: recyclable shrink bag with EVOH high barrier

Under the name VACUshrink(re) MEX 55, adapa presents a fully recyclable shrink bag in accordance with CEFLEX guidelines in a film thickness of just 55 μm. It is equipped with an EVOH high barrier and is suitable for packaging fresh processed meat or non-gassing/matured cheese. The shrink bag can be processed reliably on standard shrink-wrapping machines and has a high puncture resistance. The material with a PE sealing layer does not require the usual PA layers or PVCD barriers and is not "cross-linked". This convinced the jury of the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Award 2023, which honoured VACUshrink(re) MEX 55 in the "Packaging materials and components" category.

digiflex: more impact and flexibility thanks to digital printing

Less complex, but highly brilliant results - this is what adapa offers its customers with modern digital printing. It enables high-quality printing on a wide range of materials - from flexible films to paper - with various finishing options. Products can be provided with security labelling using special printing inks or codes. Digital printing is also cost-effective and offers maximum flexibility, as the technology does not require clichés or cylinders. This shortens delivery times, makes digital printing the ideal solution for short-term requirements and ensures particularly cost-effective production of very short runs, e.g. of promotional or seasonal items. The size of the print run can be adjusted according to demand, thus reducing warehousing and avoiding overproduction. This is one of the ways adapa helps its customers to reduce their CO2 footprint by avoiding overproduction of packaging.

All new developments at adapa are supported by an experienced team of application engineers to ensure a smooth introduction.

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