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Packaging Machines Tending Humanoid Robot

What is it. Nowadays, the packaging industry sees increasingly performing machines in terms of production speed of pieces/minute. However, the demand for ever greater productivity from automatic machines manufacturers seems to have forgotten that these must always be fed with the consumables used to package the products (box-cartons, carton cases, etc.). A humanoid robot can perform the repetitive, physically demanding, sometimes alienating and error-prone tasks becoming the missing-link in the evolution towards total automation of packaging lines.

Materials. Mechanical and electronic components.

Technology. It’s an anthropomorphic robot with a high computational capacity on-board (edge computing). It adopts a real-time computing unit (RT PC) for executing the necessary balancing control and active maintenance algorithms and a high-performance computing unit (HPC) with GPU (graphics processing unit) dedicated to workloads such as convolutional neural networks (Machine Learning/Deep Learning). It is equipped with a stereo camera (artificial vision), inertial measurement sensors (IMU), encoders and microphones.

Product or target market. Any product, every market

Design. autonomous human-like machine capable of interacting with the surrounding environment.

Sustainability. By assigning to the robot the task of feeding the packaging machines, when the loading system is empty, with the consumables used to package the products, the operator is free from the frustrating and no-added value operations that he must carry out today to operate an automatic packaging line.

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