Ease of packaging and consumption with Easy Flip

Nostromo is launching an innovative packaging solution that uses Real Peel® technology for ease of consumption and reduced waste.

The new apri gira facile® (Easy Flip) packaging introduced to the Italian market by Modena-based company Nostromo, a subsidiary of Spanish multinational Grupo Calvo, stands out for its simplicity, safety and sustainability.

This launch breaks the mould in the canned fish category with a new and more efficient way of producing, packaging and eating canned tuna in line with consumer demands.

The absence of an inner rim means that the product can be emptied from the can directly onto a plate without the aid of a fork. The flexible aluminium lid ensures easy, safe opening and the smaller quantity of oil compared to the standard product reduces the environmental footprint.

“We know that 3 out of every 4 consumers do not add the oil that comes from the cans to their plate, and at least 37% of them say they throw it down the drain. The new packaging not only saves about 15 net grams of oil per can but also avoids the wastage of loose pieces of product that are not easy to remove from the standard container,” explains Mariví Sánchez, Grupo Calvo’s Director of Sustainability and Communications.

From an engineering standpoint, the project entailed the comprehensive redesign of the manufacturing process and transformation of the plant in Carballo (Coruña) where 600 employees currently work. Changes have been made throughout the production chain, including complete transformation of the industrial equipment and computer tools used by Grupo Calvo with the involvement of a wide range of technology suppliers.

The project is a result of the Nostromo/Grupo Calvo industrial transformation plan initiated four years ago, which included a €30 million investment in the comprehensive redesign of the manufacturing process at its European plant in Carballo.

Easy Flip will be introduced to the Italian market as apri gira facile® from early 2022 with “Tonno Nostromo in Olio d’Oliva” as the first product packaged using the new solution.

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