Low cost palletizer

Lancia Packaging Technology boasts considerable experience in the packaging and palletizing sector, where special attention is paid to the overall dimensions of its machinery and cycle speeds, not to mention machine flexibility and installation speed.

The Fiorano Modenese (MO) based company proposes BS10 MAN-LC, a low cost palletizer supplied with a 3 year warranty. It’s the latest addition to Lancia’s range of palletizers, which for years have been tested and appreciated for their high level components. It joins the “traditional” line, ensuring excellent quality standards, but with low costs. Characterized by a welded steel lifter structure, it uses linear guides with ball bearing slides.
Indeed, after the numerous requests and in reply to specific needs expressed by customers, Lancia thought to create BS10 MAN-LC as a low cost product that ensures high technology levels, demonstrating flexibility and efficiency.