At East, a door onto the world

Growing 25-fold in 17 years, Eurasia Packaging 2011 Istanbul was held between September 15 and 18 Fair and saw the participation of 1026 exhibitors (both companies and representatives) and of more than 40,000 visitors, particularly from North Africa, Middle East, Caucasia and the Balkans.
Procurement delegations from Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, FYRO Macedonia, Egypt, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Jordan and Greece, and professional visitors from 69 countries have gathered at the fair and provided participants with the opportunity to reach out to new and profitable customers at a time when new markets and global competition become crucial.

The Eurasia Packaging Fair ranks first among annual fairs in Europe, and showcases the manufacturing capacity, technological prowess and design talent of the packaging industry in Turkey. Being one of the most important industry platforms in the Eurasian region, the Eurasia Packaging Fair has been the best event for presenting the regional advantages and development of Turkey as a rising star between Europe and the rapidly developing and growing Asia, and is the largest event across Eurasia in its field.

Speaking about the Eurasia Packaging Fair, TÜYAP CEO Serdar Yalçın said: «The packaging fair is an event where we can witness the transformation of the society by its products. We observe the development in Turkey through the perspective of this fair. From a social perspective, the rise in packaging standards is parallel to the development of an urban culture. The change in urban behavior and the maturation of the urban mentality are evident in the packaging-related choices of the consumer. The urban consumer is more selective and prefers packaged food products. As a result, manufacturing standards increase». Yalçın added that the Eurasia Packaging Fair is an event that envelops all industries, and that the fair grew 25-fold in the 17 consecutive years in which it was held.

Among the events at the Eurasia Packaging Fair we remind the National Student Competition for Packaging Design, which helped to nurture an environment where creative and talented young people are recruited to the R&D departments of packaging manufacturers, and provides competitive advantage to the industry with unique and effective packaging solutions.
The Istanbul food-Tech Fair was held concurrently with the Eurasia Packaging Fair will be a platform for promoting the latest technologies in food processing machinery and developments in food safety and hygiene.
The Eurasia Packaging Fair is held with the long-term partnership of TÜYAP and the Packaging Industrialists Association, and with the support of the leading organizations in the industry including the Packaging Machinery Association (AMD), Label Manufacturers Association (ESD), Cardboard Packaging Association (KASAD), Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MASD), Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers Association (OMUD) and Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association (SEPA), and is an exemplary event where the industries join their forces to reach collective strength and stability.

Next edition: September 20-23 2012