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ESSEGI 2 was founded in 1986 with the intent of imposing itself on the world packaging market (and in particular in the vertical packaging sector).
ESSEGI 2 develops and creates weighing, packing, handling and automation systems and lines for a wide range of different products. With its 30 years in the business and a consolidated commercial network, it helps customers solve their various packaging problems with personalised systems designed to suit their specific needs. The company's choice of packing machines covers a vast range of weights and formats, from just a few grams to 50 kg.
The company's philosophy is based on dynamism, flexibility and manufacturer/customer cooperation, that have allowed them to create personalised solutions responding to the different customer needs. And thanks to this ESSEGI 2 has been able to export its machinery on the world markets (Canada, USA, Australia etc.) and throughout Europe in particular (Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain…).
The field of action is indeed great, thanks to a broad range of machines that can handle all shapes and products, from straightforward items such as dry pasta, biscuits, coffee, detergents and metal parts, etc., to more complex items such as liquids, chemical powders, fertilisers, and even allow for the pressing and packing of bulky powder products such as hay, wood-chip, straw, sawdust, peat…
The company product range not only includes the packing machines, but also several metering systems and various feed systems to complete packing lines.


F1200 vertical packing machine
The model F1200 is the result of the experience and the constant research carried out by ESSEGI 2 to improve production. The F1200 vertical packer has in fact been designed to work with various types of film and various dosing and weighing systems. Thanks to its versatility, it can handle a huge variety of products, such as short pasta, dried fruit, legumes, rice, coffee, salt, sugar, flour, detergents, fertilisers, soils, seeds and many more besides. It differs from the other models in terms of its technological innovation, being equipped with a touch screen, a fast roll change device, program saving for different formats, anti-static properties and the fittings needed for the application of powder suction devices, markers and coders of various types.

PC350 packing press
ESSEGI 2 lines for fully automatic pressing and packing (starting from the roll) are the ideal solution when one needs to pack bulky products. These products, due to their specific characteristics, need to be first pressed to reduce their volume before actual packing, thus contributing notably to reducing packaging and transport costs and the space needed for storage. The various models available cover a vast range of weights and sizes, going from just a few kg to max 50 kg. The pressing unit is driven by hydraulic cylinders and has a suitably sized hydraulic-oil gearcase to suit the product type, the final size of the packs and the required output speed. The packing machine forms, fills, seals and cuts the bag starting from the spooled polyethylene film. Compared to conventional systems, this packing system lets one up production rates and cut processing costs.
The machines can all be supplied with the following weighing and dosing systems: electronic or electromechanical scales and metering units.