Electric gripper for the Elettricpack robot

At the fair E6Pos, a company specializing in robotics, focussed on the Elettricpack robot. Interfaced with an electrical parallel jaw gripper and a range of accessories it enables handling and set down of boxes, bundles and baskets in a versatile manner, spacing layer pads between layers and changing the europallet automatically.

The robots used can be both anthropomorphic or cartesian. The electrical gripper, built by Schunk, makes handling versatile thanks to its 500 mm stroke, consisting of two ball bearing guides, powered independently by the robot’s own two brushless motors. In practice, each jaw is moved by one of the robot’s motors that directly controls the excursion, speed, acceleration and deceleration of the same.
Hence the robot has two additional external axes, facilitating the management and control compared to electronic solutions provided by other manufacturers.
The control of the jaws by two independent motors enables the asynchronous movement of one against the other. In turn, using a single motor, the jaws operate cooperatively.
The arms that enable the lifting of empty europallets and the subsequent positioning of the same are synched to the jars, avoiding use of expensive and bulky pallet pickers. At the end of these arms are mounted four suction cups, that with the help of a properly sized ejector, enable the picking up and positioning of the layer pads between each layer of palletised boxes.
The Elettricpack robot can be installed on a raised mobile platform containing an empty pallet magazine, an interlayer magazine and two indexed palletising areas, enabling easy transfer from one work area to another.

The company E6Pos (Borgosatollo, BS) consists of several divisions that make dedicated robotic islands for specific sectors. In addition to the Metal division, (press serving islands of varying design), there is the Composite and plastic division (edging, trimming, sanding and finishing); the Food and Beverage division (handling and processing of packed food and beverages); the End-of-Line division (robotised packaging).